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News from the Language Centre

Spring term begins on Monday, 9 January according to the teaching schedule. If you are unsure on how to read the schedule, ask your tutor or teacher tutor in your program. Registering to the courses ends on Friday, 6 January at 23.59, make sure you register to the courses on time to ensure your place.

How to register to the courses?

Look at the study guide to determine which language courses you need or want to take. If in doubt,  ask your tutor or teacher tutor in your program. Most of the language courses have parallel groups, which have the same content and assignments, but the timetables and teachers vary. The group code can be found in WebOodi as follows: FV11A6500 (LUC) Presenting in English, in which FV11... tells you the course code, (LUC) denotes the group (group C) and finally the name of the course. Register only to one group that fits your own timetable! In case of online courses, there are no contact lessons, so it does not matter which group you register. Make sure you register to a course that is not yet full. The information on how many participants are taken in a group should be found in WebOodi. If you cannot find this information, contact the teacher of the course/group.


Changes in Language Centre

LUT Language Centre and the Language Centre in the University of Applied Sciences will merge in January, which sees changes in teachers' email addresses. Teachers can be contacted using firstname.lastname@lut.fi emails until 29 January, and on 30 January, the email address for Language Centre teachers is firstname.lastname@saimia.fi. There will be no changes in the LUT language courses in the spring term, so the merge will not affect students in any other way.

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