maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2016

Open one's mouth

The idiom of saying open your mouth is to say something, especially that which is indiscreet, boorish, or meant to be a secret a according to the idioms of Free Dictionary. Why did you have to open your mouth about my crush on Tommy? Why couldn't you just keep it between us? You've got to make sure that he never opens his mouth about what went on here today. If you have a big mouth, you talk too much, especially things that should be secret. Helen's got such a big mouth - the news'll be all over the town by tonight. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the letter. Oh dear, me and my big mouth!

Opening your mouth means that you have something to say. You have ideas and something to tell others. If it sounds mean, evil or unconventional, it means that your emotions are negative or they don’t fit to that certain circumstance. Emotions come usually first, afterwards comes the reason. I think that people who open their mouth in front of a public are courageous, even if they say something funny! At least they say something and express themselves. It is refreshing! They must feel trusted and vice versa trust people around them.

Maintaining trust is very important in our everywhere life. Trust enables us to take risks: where there is trust there is a feeling that others don’t take advantage of me even if I open my big mouth and say something irrelevant. We choose to whom we will trust and we base the choice we are making on cognition-based good reasons. Affective founds of trust consist of the emotional bonds between people and we invest on trust in our relationships. We express care and concern for the people near us and believe that these feelings are virtues and reciprocated. Until I test the trust opening my big mouth,again….

Text by Tea Raatikainen, a student in Independent Study in English course

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